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¡Hola Hola!

Yo soy Panchita Artista, an NYC based multimedia artist working in sculpture, paint + COLOR!

I proudly live in my own world, or the Panchita Universe, as I call it, with the colorful characters I've created. They are my way of exploring and leaning into the multitudes I contain as each of them represents a different facet of who I am.

I've spent the last three years bringing these personas to life through sculpture, digital illustration, animation and short films. They have been featured in New York and New Jersey gallery spaces and showcased in the world famous World Trade Center Oculus in a holiday window display for fashion brand _NIM.

There's no limit to the type of materials I use to bring them to life, however most of my characters are made using paper or air dry clay, cardboard, duct tape and fashion magazines. Plus, faux eyelashes! No character is complete without eyelashes.

There is also no limit to the way they manifest in creation. My ideas encompass all mediums of artistic expression - From small jewelry pieces to life size sculpture, digital sketches on Procreate to wall murals, music videos to interactive installations. There is NO limit to the Panchita Universe.

Through their creation I aim to encourage individuality, self confidence and freedom of expression.

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Showings & Installations


'Tierra Dulce' - _NIM Holiday Window Display

world trade center oculus / ny, ny


Panchita's Playhouze - Solo Show

into the void / jersey city, nj


Open Your Eyes - Group Exhibit

fable jones gallery / brooklyn, ny


JC Fridays - Group Exhibit

art house productions / jersey city, nj

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Color & Light!


I'm thankful to have an intimate and different relationship with color than most as I spend my days as a Project Estimator + Color Specialist for interior and exterior paint jobs.

This was a career path I didn't know existed till 3 years ago when I began working for the purveyors of color themselves (and top paint brand), Farrow & Ball.

Since 2020, I've gone from a paint specialist with F&B to a Project Estimator for a national painting company. I color consult for residential & commercial projects of all sizes. Me and my team’s work has been featured in Architectural Digest’s Open Door and the Brooklyn Heights Designer Show House of 2022.

Hot off the press

Exterior paint jobs are my favorite and this takes the cake for my favorite of the season!

In collaboration with Optimist Inc and Lulu Lemon, me and my team painted this historic Soho exterior on the corner of West Broadway and Broome St.

Installation on view for 2 weeks in October 2023.

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Check out me and my painting team’s work in Architectural Digest!

Color consultancy by Panchita

Painting by my team of talented artisans with PPP NYC

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Putting language to the complexities of color and how we each perceive it ROCKED my world. Plus it helped me learn more about myself and the unique way my mind works as someone with synesthesia, a groovy neurological condition that allows me to receive color through all my senses. EVERYTHING has energy and every energy its own unique shade of color.

Recently, I launched Panchita Color Design, my unique service that matches you and your space to the perfect paint shade(s) based off elements of light, design, direction and energy. I treat this service the same way as an art commission, creating your custom color with design app Procreate then matching to the closest paint color on the market.

Latest designs

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From concept...

...To Creation!

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There is no project too large or small that I'm not open to taking on!

My work in the visual arts and in paint and color are two sides of the same coin.

Whether its creating a fantastical art installation, or a custom color to enhance your space, anything is possible in the Panchita Universe.

Learn w/ Panchita

It’s a JOY to share my passions with others!

I offer private and group sculpture and creative play classes, guided architectual walking tours of NYC and so much more!

Let’s learn together!

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If you have a project you'd like me to be a part of across the art and design worlds, or you have a teaching opportunity, please reach out! All my work is available for sale, gallery showings and production rental by private inquiry. Scroll to the bottom of the page for contact info.

All latest news and art pieces can be found on instagram at @panchitaartista.

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